John, is one of B&J Enterprises property management team leads.  He has been in property management business for over 30 years and is committed to satisfying your housing needs.  He is not only a management lead, but he is also the chief maintenance supervisor.  While living in a property managed by B&J Enterprises you will get a “familial” feel and see John at the properties almost daily, as well as have access to him by phone. 



Aimee, is B&J Enterprises Corporate Controller.   She has been with B&J Enterprises for 6 years, but has known John  for well over 20 years. 



Shawna, is the Apartment Quality Representative.  She insures that the properties are clean and in good working order for your move in.  She takes phone calls pertaining to the availability of the apartments and general property questions.   Give her a call at (719) 306-7211.



Ken is a Maintenance Supervisor/Asst. Manager who has been part of the team for 4 years and has extensive experience in apartment maintenance. He supervises a 3 man maintenance team and the various contractors. He also lives in the area and is readily accessible and responsive to tenant's maintenance needs. He can also assist with managerial issues as required. Ken can be reached at 719-306-7624.

 B&J Enterprises has a strong, committed staff to help find you the perfect apartment in Colorado Springs.  They are a dedicated group of individuals, some of which have been working together for over 30 years!  John and Barb are the leads to this team and are looking forward to meeting you.

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